Target groups

Here are some target groups. Get in touch and we will focus on your specific needs and tailor
  • This is an excellent training for you who work in a company that mass-produces articles, details or components. Whether you work in direct production, as an employee or through staffing, you will learn to understand and control your processes in an optimal way. In this way, it contributes to your and your company's further improvements.
  • Are you a production technician who is responsible for delivering equipment or making sure to prepare items for production? Then this is a very good area to deepen your knowledge in, and you will be better able to deliver capable processes to your customers.
  • Do you have a job in quality? Then this is an excellent opportunity to lay the foundation for competence and be able to respond in discussions with all stakeholders in the company.
  • Leaders must know what the company's machines, processes and personnel have the ability to deliver the quality products that the company requires. Here you get the courses that give you the latest knowledge.
  • As a designer, you have the great benefit of knowing the depth of the world of ability. You set tolerances based on function and costs, and learn to ask the right questions to the production that will produce the tolerances that you set. This course gives you that knowledge.
  • If you are employed at a staffing company, you will gain a very good state of the art when it comes to running machines and processes if you have taken any of miq`s courses.
  • Project managers who possess the basic knowledge in competence will have better conditions to prepare and procure machines, equipment and processes that meet basic requirements from the very beginning.
  • Buyers benefit greatly from being able to ask the right questions in procurements when it comes to questions about ability and requirements, Cm / Cmk, what does it do to the price?
  • The finance unit often ends up with questions about investments and should know why the company talks about Cm / Cmk / Cpk, which can usually be linked to capex and equipment approvals.